22Q4 Release of IoT Wonderland

Released: December 2022

With the release of version 22Q4, IoT Wonderland got upgraded with a wide range of improvements and new features. Check out the list below to see what was added.

  • Graph feature with automatic data decimation for plotting metadata such as battery voltage and environment temperature
  • The map selection has been completely reworked and now features easy-to-use tiles and checkboxes for 3D terrain and streets
  • New device decoders have been added, to support devices from IoTracker, Mocosmart and BushTech amongst others
  • Nice new map tiles have been added, which are suitable for wildlife tracking applications

Map selector control (tiles)


Graph / Metadata Plot

22Q2 Release of IoT Wonderland

Released: June 2022

With the release of version 22Q2, IoT Wonderland got upgraded with a wide range of improvements and new features. Check out the list below to see what was added.

  • Improvements in the tracker management enable adding new trackers in a more intuitive way
  • The KML export of tracker data allows you to visualize collected data along with data from other sources
  • With the new path selection on the map, a single tracker can be highlighted and further information related to the path can be obtained
  • 3D Terrain can now be enabled in the visual settings. When tilting the map (ctrl + mouse) you'll see the topology of the surroundings
  • The Argos integration has been improved after active Argos use cases were encountered
  • A rework of all network integrations increased the performance and reliability of our platform
  • Due to the improved caching and live update the cache and map get updated regularly. Information is now presented in near-real-time
  • A tracker- and location search bar was added, so you quickly find what you are looking for

New search control to easily find trackers


Map in 3D-view


Released: April 2022

In collaboration with the University of East Anglia, we conducted scientific research on migratory behavior of vultures on the Iberian peninsula using Movetech-Telemetry LoRaWAN® GPS Trackers and the IoT Wonderland Tracking Platform.

We are experiencing rapid environmental changes due to human activity ranging from intensification of agriculture to changes in weather patterns and due to climate change. Understanding the movement behaviour of wild animals such as birds in response to these changes is of utmost importance if we are to conserve their populations. One way we can acheive this is by using GPS trackers which can provide a detailed insight into the behaviour and habitat selection of the species we study.

For more information please read the Usecase Article on Loriot.io


Released: February 2022

With the TTS Release 3.18 IoT Wonderland has been integrated into The Things Network's ecosystem. This template allows users of TTN to connect their devices to IoT Wonderland with just a few clicks.

For further information about how to use the integration template, please visit the IoT Wonderland help pages on TTN.


Track Anything

The IoT tracking platform which supports the largest variety of networks and seamlessly integrates your tracking devices

Released: January 2022

The humble beginnings of IoT Wonderland reach back to 2019, when it was used solely for the purpose of testing new LoRaWAN tracking hardware. Since then we've worked on the tool to enable real-life IoT use cases for our users, with a strong focus on wildlife monitoring.

Since the beginning of 2022 we are increasing efforts to improve the platform. Our vision for IoT Wonderland is to make it an easy to use tracking management platform which is freely available for enthusiasts, and competitively priced for researchers and industrial users.